Festival, Event & Media Make-up Services

Special Announcement:

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I'm Made Up Co-Founder, Beverley Braisdell has been recognised for her work over the last seven years working as a City & Guilds Beauty Industry Advisory Board Member (formally NAC).  Beverley & I'm Made Up are pleased to continue contributing  to making the Industry as vibrant, energetic & relevant but at the same time ensuring The Health & Safety of the consumer is paramount.



         I'm Made Up provides Make Up Artists (MUA's) at Festivals & Events supplying Face Painting, Glitter Art & Temporary Tattoos                  We also work very closely with Production Companies, Producers & the Creative Arts industry creating make up designs for                    Film,TV, Theatre, Fashion and Artist photo shoots. 

Corporate Well-being services are also available, the I'm Made Up Team visit your work premises and spend the day re-invigorating the workforce with head, neck & shoulder massages,
I'm Made Up, under its banner of I'm Made up ME, also offers courses in how to apply your own personal Make- up
I’m Made Up truly are a one stop solution within the field of Make Up and its application