Sounds Right Son Studio is Manchester’s newest home for the city’s talented musicians

The Studio is presently being built, we are hoping to open in summer 2017.

For now check out how the building project is going


The old wooden stairs with the existing toilet door and sink.

The new steel stairs (yet to be painted)  & stud wall to extend the size of the office. 

The w.c has been extended to now also include a shower.

Above is the space where the new kitchen and soft seating area will be .

As you can see below we've tiled the kitchen floor and now putting in the kitchen




If you look at the column on the far side, to the right of that is where control room 1 will be built.


How the main office looked before work commenced 

Its getting there!


Below is the space for the new staff office where our wizards of PR, social media & promotion will be based 

Staff office paint lights.JPG

The space where Control Room 1 will be

Building  Control Room 1

The space where The Live Room & Control room 2 will be 

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